Avoir has service centers all across India. We guarantee satisfactory after sale services too, to all the customers. In case you are dissatisfied with the service, you can share your valuable feedback and we assure you of resolving the issue ASAP.

The warranty is applicable on manufacturing defects. Warranty Card is given to the customer along with the product. The card is non-transferable and not replaceable in the event of loss. Warranty is effective for appliance purchased from an authorized dealer. That warranty term of 1 year is stated within the product and may require registration to fulfil the length of the term.

If there is any manufacturing defect or the product is dead on arrival, in that case, replacement or exchange is available.

Click the Settings of the smart TV & select Network.

There are two options to connect to the internet.

  • I. Ethernet Settings – This is for connecting LAN cable to LAN port (RJ45) on the rear side of the TV. It will auto detect the assigned IP; please wait for few seconds.
  • If it doesn’t connect automatically then do the following.
  • Go to the Settings – Network-> Switch ON->Wireless Connection/Network - there are two options given: Auto & Manual.
    1. a) Auto Setting –To connect internet automatically
    2. b) Manual Setting – Fill IP address & other details manually & click on OK and then you can access the internet
  • II. Settings - Network-> Switch ON-> Wireless Connectivity/Network ->Scan-> List of Wi-Fi networks will appear. Select the one that belongs to you->Fill the password->You are now connected to the Wi-Fi
  • Note:-- In case of slow speed while using the internet, check your data plan. Recommended network speed is above 2Mbps.

A. Wireless Display or Miracast is a technique through which you can share the content of your mobile device on the screen of your Smart TV. In simple words, it is about casting a mirror image of your phone’s screen on to the TV’s screen for a bigger and better viewing experience. With this you can watch videos, pictures, documents on the big screen of your TV.

A. Make sure that your phone has Miracast/Wireless Display option. To enable it, go to the Settings -> Display -> enable cast screen.

  1. a) Click on Wireless Display of the Smart TV -> Wireless Mirroring -> Start
  2. b) Open cast screen of your smartphone, turn on the “Enable Wireless Display” icon. It will display the list of devices available to be connected to your phone. Select the name of your TV. Wireless mirroring will begin automatically.

Note: To use Wireless Display or Miracast of Smart TV, smartphone must have Screen Casting or Miracast feature. While mirroring the screen, it is recommended to use high end mobile phones like - Octa core processor & strong signal strength to avoid slow speed, buffering, lag in video, jammed video or intermittent disconnection.

A. To install apps: Please visit the App Store & download the apps as per your requirement. Un-install Apps: Go to the Settings -> Applications -> All Apps -> click on the apps which you want to un-install. Done!

A. Select Home -> Media Center -> All -> Disk. Now you can play image/video/audio files.

Disclaimer:- The Apps installed in/supported by the AVOIR smart LED TV are the sole property of their respective owners. Avoir is not liable for any alteration, removal or change in policy by them.