1. This warranty policy is applicable on all air conditioners invoiced to customers between the period of 1st Nov'17 to 30th June'18
  2. The 5 year warranty (one year standard and four years extended) is applicable as per the below Terms and Conditions and will come into effect only if the product is registered* within 30 days from the Invoice Date.
  3. Warranty will be valid only when the Warranty Card along with the original invoice or sale receipt indicating the date of purchase, model no. , serial no. and dealer's name is presented together with the product at the time of engineer visit for service call.
  4. This warranty shall not cover any damage resulting from adaptation or adjustments which may be made to the product.
  5. This warranty will not be applicable if the type or serial no. on the product has been altered, removed or defaced.
  6. The 5 year warranty will start from the date of invoice provided during the registration process.
  7. The Products which are not registered will be covered under the Standard One Year Warranty Policy only.
  8. Following parts are covered under the 4 year extended warranty.
    Compressor with Contractor Condenser Coil Cooling Coil
    PCBs Sensors Motors
  9. Accessories, plastic parts, remote, sheet metal body, gas charging, visit / inspection charges and transportation are not covered under the 4 year extended warranty and these parts & services will be provided on chargeable basis.
  10. Service Charges as applicable shall be chargeable per complaint irrespective of the number of visits during the extended warranty period.
  11. This warranty does not extend to any accessories not defined in the operating instruction manual, supplied with the AVOIR product.
  12. This warranty does not cover the damage caused to the product due to improper installation by customer and / or connecting the product to the equipment not approved by AVOIR and deficiency in the product performance.
  13. This warranty does not cover the risk to the product caused by accident, lightening, water, fire, other acts of God, improper ventilation, dropping or excessive shock or any external caused beyond AVOIR control.
  14. This warranty will not be applicable in case the product or any part thereof is opened, repaired and / or treated by non-authorized person.
  15. No retailer has any authority to vary any Terms and Conditions mentioned.
  16. In case any differences or dispute arises out of this warranty shall be subject to Delhi’s jurisdiction.
  • * Product can be registered through any of the following process.
  • Call Center -1860 208 5555
  • Website – avoirindia.com
  • * It is mandatory to share the invoice number, date, product serial number & model at the time of product registration.
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